Written in 1979.


  Tested in darkness I pick up the scent
  Heat-sensor smile reveals your intent
  I'll say it fast and I won't stay long
  You catch my drift but the currents too strong
  Immediate shore received the poison fish
  Surrounded by sand quietly eat your dish
  Trouble comes from reaching for passing cars
  Headlights mistaken for shooting stars
  Spoiled new carpet serves as document
  Invested scalp is ever permanent
  Stomach tied in knows you emit a squeal
  Antiseptic halls have such appeal
  Awkward line of motion postpones the main event    
  Windows-shop the world and never pend a cent
  Mystified by facts that seems so clear
  Modified behavior you play by ear
  Behavior is description through action.


Behavior, Recorded live @ CBGB in 1979

Behavior, recorded @ TR3, 1979 (last-ever gig)

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