Seconds Away

The song was written in 1979.

Like many Chinese Forehead songs the first version was a crude recording done by bouncing multiple guitar takes between portable cassette players.

There were no vocals on that version; there was ad-hoc guitar line that was then adapted to become the vocal line.


  Pursue distraction
  Keep breaking fingers
  The wall's the mirror to avoid
  Decrease in action
  Watched pots don't boil
  Look at your watch thne ger annoyed
  Seconds away, relief from sorrow
  And so you wait untl tomorrow
  Nervous reaction
  Pull up the covers
  Maybe soon; it's getting late
  Strategic dodge
  Grants absolution
  The second hand sweeps clean the slate
  Seconds away, relief from sorrow
  And so you wait until tomorrow


This is a recording done at the first-ever Chinese Forehead gig, at CBGB, in 1979.

Seconds Away, recorded @ CBGB
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